Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stevenson Painting licensed, bonded and insured?
Yes!  A professional contractor is a licensed contractor.  
Residential License #066324.
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How long have you been in business?
Providing Quality Painting Since 1985.   

Can I change colors with just one coat of paint?  
30 years of experience tells me one coat is not enough. Your paint contractor should and needs to apply a minimum of two coats of paint.  How often have you seen a house painted in your neighborhood and look good for about a year, Then the old color begins to show “bleed” through.  Houses in Arizona often have a heavy stucco texture and need paint applied in many directions to cover all the old paint.  If you take the time and money to paint your house… do it right with lots of paint - we do!

Do you protect and cover unpainted surfaces?  
Yes,  surfaces not to be painted will be masked and covered with plastic, paper and large canvas drops.  Our preference is to cover up than to clean up.

How long should I expect the paint to last?
A quality paint job should last 8 to 10 years, if not longer.  The signs of deterioration to look for first is the stem/foundation of the house (bottom 4 inches) and any wood exposed to the sun.  The sun is brutal in Arizona so I often recommend the wood fascia which is directly affected by the sun to be painted midway through the life cycle of a complete paint job.  By doing so, this will extend the life of the entire paint job.

How many bids should I get?
Most professional contractors suggest getting 3 proposals.  Make sure they are all professional, licensed and with years of experience.  Also, ask if the owner will be on the job everyday…  Stevenson Painting is owner operated and will be on the job from start to finish.  Get a detailed quote comparing such things as the grade of paint.  Many painters can provide a low price which might mean a lower paint grade or less prep work.  We may not be the lowest price, but Stevenson Painting will provide the best value for your hard earned money.

Is it true most of the work is in the prep work?
Yes, much of the work (and time) is in the preparation of surfaces: thorough pressure washing to remove loose or peeling paint, priming, caulking, patching, even masking windows and light fixtures to protect from overspray. If the prep work is done right the application of paint should go smoothly, plentifully and with proper adhesion.  This results in the longest life possible out of your paint job.  Prep Work is as much a part of a quality paint job as the paint you apply.

Does the homeowner need to be at home during painting?
Almost all exterior work can be performed with the homeowner away.  If the job includes painting doors that is the time we need access to the house.   We have painted many homes even while the homeowner is out of state.

What do I need to do before you paint?
To insure a thorough paint job, I recommend trimming  back your plants and foliage a few inches away from the surfaces to be painted.  Also, removing small and delicate items from around the house insures items will be safe.  We can handle it from there.

Do you offer free estimates and a warranty?
Yes.  I will visit your property and examine all surfaces.  You will receive a formal quote listing all work to be performed and a total cost of the project.  We are licensed with the Registrar of Contractors and provide a two year guarantee.

The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness of Low Price Is Forgotten.
~ Benjamin Franklin