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30 Years of Painting and Over a Thousand Satisfied Homeowners.

COLONIA ENCANTADA  7500E. McCormick Pkwy.  Scottsdale, AZ.
                Exterior Painting of 48 Townhomes.

SANDPIPER  7550 E. McCormick Pkwy.  Scottsdale, AZ.
                Exterior Painting of 160 Patio Homes

SANTA FE I  7900 E. McCormick Pkwy.  Scottsdale, AZ.
                Exterior Painting of 125 Townhomes

PASEO VILLAS  Hayden & Indian Bend Rd.  Scottsdale, AZ.
                Exterior Painting of 90 Condominiums

SANTO TOMAS  Scottsdale Rd. & McCormick Pkwy.  Scottsdale, AZ.
                Exterior Painting of 80 Individual Patio Homes

COURTS AT GAINEY RANCH  7710 E. Gainey Ranch Rd.  Scottsdale, AZ
                Exterior Painting of 70 Condominiums

ALAMOS ON SCOTTSDALE  6150 N. Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale, AZ
                Exterior Painting of 17 Condominiums                           

THE SHORES VILLAS  7401 N. Scottsdale Rd.  Scottsdale, AZ
                Exterior Painting of 51 Condominiums

CONTINENTAL VILLAS II  7700 E. Harvard St.  Scottsdale, AZ
                Exterior Painting of 159 Townhomes

33 WEST MISSOURI  Central Ave. & Missouri, Phoenix, AZ
                Exterior Painting of 22 Townhomes

WALDEN COURT  7950 E. Starlight Drive,  Scottsdale, AZ
                Exterior Painting of 24 Condominiums

BROADMOR PLACE  Mill Ave. & Broadmor,  Tempe, AZ    
               Exterior Painting of 51 Townhomes

ELDORADO HERMOSO  77th Street & Oak  Scottsdale, AZ
                Exterior Painting of Community Walls and Individual Homes

SCOTTSDALE EAST HOMES  8210 E. Garfield St.  Scottsdale, AZ
                Exterior Painting of Entire Community


“It is unwise to pay too much, but is is worse to pay too little…If you deal with the lowest bidder,
it is well to add something for the risk you run.”
~John Ruskin